Global Networking

Is your company a Global company or an International one? The answer lays in whether you are integrated or disparate in design and process.


Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Data and voice convergence, Quality of Service and Voice Over Wireless are all here today.


Mobile NetworkING

Mobile networking services, seamless wireless, Voice Over Wireless 2

Who We Are



We strive to be strategic leaders, providing guidance for companies who use the technology to do business. With this in mind, we aspire to help our clients succeed in their endeavors and develop a long lasting relationship that benefits everyone.



Each member of our team brings a unique skill set to the table that is evident in our solutions. Our clients benefit from our expertise, especially when it comes tackling the really tough problems. We believe in developing sound solutions that expedite the growth and management of your business. On the behalf of our clients, we maintain an aggressive search for a "better way of doing things."


Whether it is a global network, a data center, a vitalization rollout or a cutting edge FPGA design, Mercury's designers have the experience and talent to deign your project from the top down as well as take consideration from tech bottom up.



We know that Internet technologies are just but one piece of the overall plan. We also know the value of this piece working seamlessly with other marketing and management processes within your organization. Through coordinating efforts we can provide you with right amount of assistance at any given time.


Solution Providers

Mercury has the experience and processes in place to deliver a complete solution for your business requirements. We are capable of providing you with the ongoing resources needed to help your company grow. We are neither a boutique nor a one-stop-shop; we are your technology partners dedicated to:
  • Reducing operational costs through better management of your web properties
  • Consolidating business processes through technology and systems integration
  • Increasing internal resources by freeing up your time so that you can focus on your business
  • Improving return on investment through online marketing channels
  • Delivering solutions customized to meet your individual business goals


When you achieve greater return on your overall investment, then and only then are we successful.

Call us, drop us an email or contact us online today to find how we can work together towards a common goal.